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Onions intake should be done daily. Many diseases are also curbed by them. Harmful health diseases like cancer can also be controlled by onions. Let’s have a look on onion benefits in detail. It is good for expanding knowledge as well. Before pursuing towards onion benefits in detail, let’s know why onions are popular and considered good for health. This vegetable contains number of nutrients or say substances extremely useful for the body. Onions contain high amount of water. And, water importance for the body is not hidden from anyone. It contains almost 80% water. Other nutrients which reside in onions are fats, carbs and proteins. It also contains essential minerals like potassium, phosphorous calcium, vitamins and zinc. Onion is excellent health building formula.List of onion health benefits is given below. Heals the Problem of Insomnia

Insomnia is a serious health problem. Lack of sleep can result in many problems in the body. If suffering from an inability to sleep start taking onions. This vegetable can be taken as salad as well can be cooked. Another way of taking onions by people suffering from insomnia is to cut onion into slices and put the slices in a jar. Then, smell the slices before sleeping. Within 20 minutes you will fall asleep. Try it out.Prevents From Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries are very common nowadays. Onions helps in preventing them. This is a very exclusive health benefit of onions. The presence of sulfides and flavonoids in onions prevent cardiovascular diseases from occurring. In controlling cholesterol level also onions are essential.Treats Osteoporosis

In the prevention of osteoporosis onion is very helpful. Osteoporosis is women problem. They suffer from weakening of bones due to lack of calcium content. Onions fulfills the requirement of calcium in the body and prevents osteoporosis. Women should take onions regularly.

Good for Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a dangerous health problem. Once caught with it has to suffer from different types of therapies, which are quite painful too. Onions are able to prevent cancer due to its quality of containing of antioxidants. Eating this vegetable is very useful.

Reduces Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health condition. If want to be prevented from it always, take onions. It is a very big health benefit of taking onions. It helps in reducing diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels, if they are raised at all. Diabetes is caused due to high blood sugar level only. A combination of onion and garlic is more helpful in preventing diabetes.

After reading all the above health benefits it would have been clear to you that onions are really beneficial to health. The health benefits mentioned above are major ones. Onions are also helpful in curing tiny health problems also like cold, swelling in feet and so on. Benefits of this vegetable are many. Onions are really healthy.